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Hakogaku Sprinters for ! I hope you like them, I gave you a colored version as a bonus because you know why ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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Um, sorry to bother! I have to ask if your icon happens to be a character from "His favourite"? Just curious [:


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What do you think of Lydia Martin. (She's kinda my baby so even if I love you I may have to kill you if you say you don't like her)

I really like Lydia! (and I’m not just saying that because my life is in possible risk ahahah;;;)

I wasn’t her biggest fan in the beginning since she was shown to be the typical shallow popular girl that walked right out of mean girls. it even looked like she’d pull a Regina George and teasingly befriend Allison but then talk shit about her and make her the joke of the school. And I hate the traditionally fem girl vs the tomboy girl thing more then anything :\

But then she honestly wanted to befriend Allison! we see the feminine girl and tomboy having a pretty healthy relationship and working together, and I loved it. Then we found out she isn’t the air-head she wants everyone to see her as. She’s damn smart and knows exactly how to manipulate people into doing what she wants. Which is awesome, because usually a female is only allowed to be smart or attractive, but Lydia is both and the fact that she struggled with that was also great to watch. (Though I would have preferred it being Allison or herself to realize that, not Stiles who has been obsessed with her for who knows how long. I like Stiles as much as the next person but no thank you)

augh, i could go one for hours about Lydia. I love that she shows herself to be this hard, uncaring person who is sarcastic and will not coddle anyone, but is actually very concerned with those around her and would in reality, give them the world to help them out. I love that Lydia is also selfish and only wants what she deserves, and she deserves the best. I love that Lydia is incredibly strong and brave (WHO WAS THE ONE TRAPPED WITH A NOGITSUNE AND SAID “DON’T YOU FUCKING COME SAVE MY ASS”. MY GIRL, THAT’S WHO), but is still very scared and fragile. I love that while Lydia is so smart she’s still very confused and lost. I love that Lydia isn’t just one thing, but she is a bunch of conflicting things. LYDIA IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME.

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YES, PLEASE WATCH NATSUME YUUJINCHO (Btw I love the Onoda pic you have there)

I feel so bad because everyone recommended me to watch Natsume Yuujincho and instead I watched Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun OTL;; BUT I HAVE ADDED NATSUME YUUJINCHO TO THE LIST! It sounds really good and I’m really excited (•̀ᴗ•́)و

thank you, it’s a pic i feel we can all relate to. at least i know i can. 

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How long does it take you to draw your comics? I love them so much! They make me laugh every time!

djiasofs ahhhhhhh thank you so much!!! this fills my heart up with so much joy you don’t even understanddd

um, it varies from comic to comics. some take like 5 minutes to slap together, and some take 2-3 hours ‘v’

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What are some amines that you would recommend? My sister tries to make me watch anime but I would only watch the last air bender and legend of korra.

Hey! Sorry this took a while, for some reason tumblr stopped notifying me when i got new messages щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

I haven’t watched a lot of animes im afraid, so you might want to also ask other people to get more diversity, but some of the ones I have seen and really enjoy are:


  • kuragehime - comedy, some romance, adorable as fuck. only 11 episodes long and i think it’s being dubbed as well, in case you prefer dubs over subs.
  • rainbow: nisha rokubou no shichinin - a historical prison drama. 26 episodes long. it’s not a light hearted anime though; there’s suicide, implied rape and molestation, police brutality, racism, classism, murders, and probably some other stuff im forgetting; but i can not recommended this anime enough.
  • baccanno! - a historical series that deals with the supernatural. theres mafias, action, and comedy. warning though, some pretty gruesome death scenes. 13 episodes long, also dubbed into english!
  • tsuritama - a slice-of life, fishing anime. it’s cute and funny and there’s this element to it you would not fucking believe even if i told you. just watch it, it’s great. only 12 episodes long.
  • puella magi madoka magica - the most fucking deceiving anime you will ever watch. cute little magical girls turned into some kind of psychological thriller idefk. it came out of no where. warning for some deaths.
  • ouran high school host club - basically a parody on popular anime tropes. it’s funny and light hearted. 26 episodes long, also dubbed.
  • eureka seven - a sci-fi adventure with romance. theres giant fucking robots and aliens, what more do i need to say. 50 episodes long, also dubbed!
  • samurai champloo - comedy-adventures with samurais, woohoo! it’s set in the edo period but it’s got like a modern references and shit to it, idk. it’s really good though. 26 episodes long, really love the animation in it. also dubbed.
  • ookiku furikabutte - a sports anime, deals with baseball. very cute and funny, can be some what of a tear jerker, idk tho i cry at the drop of a hat so i may not be the best judge of character for this. two seasons, first being 26 episodes long and the second being 14. the first season was dubbed but i think the second is only in sub.
  • mononoke - not the studio ghibli movie. a supernatural anime, i think you would count it as a mystery as well. basically a medicine man goes around fighting demons. very good. 12 episodes long.
  • FLCL - a parody sci-fi anime with robots, action, and comedy. that’s basically all i can tell you about this anime because i still don’t fucking understand it. it’s really good though. only 6 episodes and i believe its dubbed

On-going: (they’re basically all fucking sports animes. im so sorry)

  • yowamushi pedal - a cycling anime with some great characters, it’s both funny and emotional. it just finished up it’s first season (38 episodes) and i believe it’s been confirmed for a second one. my current obsession at the moment
  • haikyuu!! - a volleyball anime, adorable as fuck. my only complaint about this series is there isn’t enough focus on the female teams, JUST SAYIN. i think it’s still on it’s first season??? i don’t know if they ended yet or not OTL;; it’s a like 16 episodes right now.
  • kuroko no basuke - a basketball anime. funny characters that also like to stomp on your heart, but what sports anime doesn’t. it has two seasons completed (both 25 episodes long), and a third season confirmed.
  • free! - a swimming anime. a comedy-drama that likes to make you think its all nice a light-hearted one second, but then gets really serious out of no where. A++ characters, with the cutest female manager you will ever meet. 99% sure this was made so women could look at some hot guys.
  • shingeki no kyojin - a post-apocalyptic like anime. giant cannibals vs humanity vs itself. female characters have actual plots and character development, still you can see that the anime likes to sneak in some moments made for the male gaze. it’s not perfect (none of these animes are) but i know a lot of people like to idolize this one, and don’t do that. its a good watch but it’s not the greatest thing you will ever see. only has one season (25 episodes) out at the moment, but a second one is on it’s way. is also being dubbed.

My sister also recommends Magi: the labyrinth of magic. i haven’t watched it yet, but a lot of shows we watch together, so i trust her when she says it’s good.

Hope you enjoy!

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it’s moments like this when i regret not taking those two weeks of art class, where we did nothing but draw bikes, more seriously. i was like “i hate bikes, when am i ever going to draw these?? honestly????”

it’s come back to bite me in the ass…

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i made this after seeing this on my dash. i spent way too long on this joke…

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tanaka and nishinoya teaching yachi how to a scary punk like them (ò v ó )

saeko suddenly appears to kidnap yachi to teach her how to be a real punk. tanaka and noya are devastated but can’t do anything about it because they’re in awe of saeko’s coolness.